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On Set

A testimony to the passionate work of filmmakers and their contribution to Storytelling 

Don’t we all love a good story! Don’t we all feel connected by the intriguing plot of a great narrative?

Today, we watch a movie on our computer on our TV. Yesterday we were listening to an orator, recounting stories by the camp fire. Day after day, night after night, glued to our screens, books and magazines, we feed our mind with countless stories.

How important is storytelling for us humans? Joseph Campbell said: "Myths and stories give us meaning and teach us how to act".

You would have no idea what it takes to make a film. For a period of time, I was lucky to photograph the tremendous work, done by filmmakers. On set, I documented their endeavours: the time, the effort, the creativity, the sheer amount of people involved. All this energy, all this passion, connected together, purely and simply, to create a great story.

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