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RAINFOREST Photography

“Be inspired by Springbrook's natural wonders, improve your photographic skills and produce beautiful rainforest photographs.”

If you love nature and photography, if you have basic or intermediate photographic skills and would like to practise and improve under guidance, I offer Rainforest Photography Classes, here in Springbrook.


Whether you choose a group workshop or a private session, I will take you on a magical journey through our breath-taking world heritage rainforest, to discover and photograph stunning locations such as lookouts, waterfalls, fauna and flora.


At various locations, I will demonstrate the workflow I apply for different photographic subjects, and I will provide you with technical assistance to improve your photographs while helping you get a better understanding of your camera settings.


The focus will be on composition, exposure and sharpness and how the creative control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO allows to produce stunning photographs. We will also learn to work with a tripod to capture smooth-looking waterfall pictures.

GROUP Workshop - 4 hours

Location:               Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook.

Meeting Point:    Canyon Lookout


Next Session :     Saturday 24th September 2022

                            9.30am to 1.30pm

Small group :       Up to 7 participants


Price :                       $195

PRIVATE Workshop - 2,5 hours

Location:             Best locations in Springbrook

Meeting Point:   Canyon Lookout

Time :                     Anytime, Fridays to Sundays

Small group :     1 or 2 participants.                                  


Price :                     $245 for 1 person.

                                  $300 for 2 persons ($150 each)

To book a session, please contact me !

Pablo Picasso once said that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.ding 3

Recommendations for any workshop:

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring along a backpack to carry a jumper, a light raincoat, sunscreen and insect repellent, 2 litres of water, a light lunch and your tripod. 


The tour is about 3 km-long on rough national park pathways, so a reasonable level of fitness is required. When participating in the workshops you are responsible for your own health and safety.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME  if you have any questions.

Once your booking is made, there is no refund policy unless the workshop is cancelled due to the weather.

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